Sherman Mills warehouse rental on a cloudy day


John Dobson purchased what is now known as Sherman Mills, in the mid 1800’s.  The Dobson Mills Complex stretched over nearly twenty-six acres along the Schuylkill River, where an industrial village named “Falls of Schuylkill” was built around the first natural falls. This area is now referred to as East Falls.

Originally used to manufacture yarn, the mills produced wool yarn, blankets, overcoat material, and various other types of textiles. During the Civil War, Dobson designed army blankets and uniforms for the Union troops.

Sherman Mills:

Sherman Mills originated in 2001 when Real Estate Developer, Mark Sherman, had a mission to create an affordable, sustainable residential and commercial business community.  He developed residential lofts and business offices, while utilizing the original structure of the former textile mills.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Sherman Mills is conveniently located near many Philadelphia attractions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Boat House Row, the picturesque Kelly Drive, The Schuylkill River and the Wissahickon Valley Park.  The complex is accessible to Route 1, Interstate 76, and Kelly Drive as well as easy access to public transportation.

Sherman Mills currently has 78 commercial spaces and 44 residential lofts with new development projects continuously in motion. Current businesses that reside within the complex include a 12,000 square foot event space, a children’s play facility, hair salon, yoga, pilates and fitness facility, flex space, industrial chic office space and various workshops. If you’re looking for the perfect space to not only build your professional life but to also network with other like-minded individuals who are just as passionate and as driven as you are, Sherman Mills has all of this and more.